Private Sailing Lessons & Certifications

Combines Comprehensive On-Line Learning with Private On-The-Water Sailing Lessons

Private Lessons Curated To Your Level and Goals

The typical weekend sailing course has you sitting in a classroom for 50% of the time. The other 50% you’re on the water, taking what you just heard and applying it so you can pass on Sunday. You’re on board with people at different levels of skill and confidence, and teaching is always directed at the lowest level learner.

The business model of modern sailing schools is designed to build up dues paying members. Lessons modules are designed to take you on a track of many courses and extra workshops to get you to a basic level of confidence and competency. In addition to monthly dues, you pay a significant rental fee for a boat to finally go sailing by yourself.  If you add this all up, you are paying a hefty sum to gain your basic competency.

Why we only do private sailing lessons

We developed our private sailing lesson programs so in the end, you spend half the money and time to get you confident and competent. There are no monthly fees, no classroom time that robs you of valuable on the water training time, and no slowdown in your training from other students who are not where you are at. The focus is on you and the areas you need to learn in greater depth and that are aligned to your boating goal.  We start where you are and take you where you want to go in less time and in the end, less money.

Why our classroom time is on-line?

  • Research shows that on average, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom.

  • Complete required courses at your own pace

  • All your time with the instructor is spent on the water gaining skills.

  • Courses are available anytime on any device

Why NauticEd?

  • NauticEd offers the American National Standard for Sailing Training and Assessment
  • Approved by the American National Standards Institute and the United States Coast Guard
  • Earn internationally recognized Certifications for worldwide chartering
  • How does NauticEd compare with ASA, US Sailing or the RYA?


Getting Started

  1. The first thing to do is to take our short Lesson Experience Survey It only takes a few minutes and helps us develop your plan. With private lessons you have the luxury of moving at your pace and focusing on areas you want to improve in and build your confidence quickly.
  2. Sign up for one of our Getting Started Courses below if you want to see if sailing is for you or you have a specific goal in mind.
  3. Contact Us so we can get you started with a customized plan.

Check Out Our Private Boating Club Where You Sail Like An Owner

Are you looking for a sailing experience where you can boat as much as you want for a low monthly fee and your training is included? Check out our Nautical Access Sailing Club. 

Lessons & Certifications

International Sailing License and Credentials

The SLC is a recreational license valid for yacht charter companies worldwide including Europe and the Seychelles. To gain an SLC, you need to pass the online theory courses for bareboat chartering. You will be required to demonstrate sailing skills according to established standards.

The Only Sailing Education Body Recognized by the US Coast Guard and NASBLA as meeting the American National Standards.

6-Hour Private Sailing Lesson in Pt. Richmond – All Inclusive

Learn faster and with greater retention with private instruction. You work at your pace and move through lessons and skill tests faster and with more competency. You focus on your areas of interest and where you need the most coaching, moving at your own pace and on your time. Lessons are taught on an Oceanis 38.1.

sailing lesson

16-Hour Introductory or Intermediate Private Lesson Plan

Our 16 hour course is perfect for beginners and intermediate sailors. The time is designed around you. If you need a refresher or want to focus on specific skills like sail handling or handling under power, this is for you. Just beginning? This course is a great way to start your journey as you will gain an understanding about your learning style and abilities to fast track you to boating on your own,

Contact us about getting started today!